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November 17, 2009

Dirty Harry Potter

I love Harry Potter. Really. Fantastic stuff. The books, the movies, the drugs they give me to stop the nightmares about giant man eating spiders. Love it.

And I love Dirty Harry. Who doesn’t right? The guns, the girls, the guns, the guns. Great movies.

So naturally I got to thinking; “How do you make them even better?” The answer, as you can see, is obvious. Dirty Harry Potter.

Dirty harry Potter Post 1.jpg

The best of both worlds together in one. He saved the Wizard world, and now he’s acting as a one man Ministry of .44 Magnum Magic, cleaning up crime wherever he goes. I can practically hear the great lines now;

“Does your muggle ass feel lucky, punk?” or “I don't need magic now
Dudley, so go ahead, make my day.” Or maybe even, BANG!! “See Ron, I told you this thing would work on a goblin.”

Or maybe spin it the other way and re-edit the final movie while they still have time so they can have Harry, I mean,Dirty Harry facing down Voldemort and some Death Eaters and after a brief but furious magic fight at the Leaky Cauldron we’ll find Voldemort standing there, looking down at his dropped wand, dead death eaters all around and looking up at Harry, wand at the ready pointing right at Voldemort’s head and he says, “So, Voldepunk, you’ve got to be wondering, did he do six unforgivable curses, or just five? As you know all too well, this is a Phoenix Feather Core wand, the most powerful wand in the world. A quick spell from this wand can blow your head clean off. So you’ve got to ask yourself Voldepunk, before you go for your wand, do you feel lucky today?”

See, stuff like that.... that’s how you make good movies better.

~ AP

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