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June 03, 2009

Of Children and Joy Unexpected

Life can deal some strange hands sometimes. Like when you end up separated and kids live far away and you think your heart is going to explode and the world will end. But then, even though you don’t get to see them as much as you want, you find out that it isn’t so much the amount that you see them, but rather, how well you see them when you do.

Quality time. Intense time.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a way of justifying the selfish end of a relationship. It’s just a pleasant surprise when it happens and you find that things can be alright, even better than just alright. Sure you heard from others how wonderful things can really be, but how can you believe it? Then it happens and you are left breathless.

Reminds me of a story I once heard from a cowboy of all people. Seems this cowboy was from down around Arizona. Never travelled out of the locale. And why would he? Beautiful sunsets. The red rocks of Sedona. The Grand Canyon. What could be more spectacular he was heard to say.

“The Northern Lights,” came a reply from a visitor one day. “They’re not just under the sky,” he said, “They’re the whole sky and beyond. And they’re not just one shape or one color, it’s like God is painting the sky while you watch.”

Sounded amazing to the cowboy. I hope I may see that one day he thought. And one day he did.Cowboy and Northern Light 2 .jpg
Far from home and alone with a vision of staggering beauty he looked up at the lights in the sky and everything he had heard or thought they could be, they were ten times better. More than that as if it were possible. They even had streaks of pinks and purple and they seemed to move with a wind he could not see or feel.northernlights2.jpg
But still he felt something inside he could not explain because being there as he was, he felt the lights were there just for him. He smiled so hard his face hurt at the vision and he knew that even though he may be far away, the lights would be with him always.

He knew he had to go back home and leaving wasn’t easy, but he took comfort in knowing he might see his northern lights again one day and so off he went enjoying the intensity that comes from moments like that. Moments that make every second count for a thousand.

So it’s been with my kids. I guess it’s worked out to seeing them one day in ten, these past 5 years. But I’ll see them again in about a week and then they’re out for a summer of fun a month later.

Is one day in ten enough? No. How could it be? But when you get so very much more than you expected out of each and every second, it sure helps. Life can be great if you let it be.

~ AP

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