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August 23, 2008

Hey Mr. God.... get ready for a new angel

Hey Mr. God,

You may not remember me as I don’t tend to call very often and I’m not sure if I still have your number, but on the chance that it still works, I wanted to give you a ‘head’s up’ because there’s a new angel gonna be coming your way soon.

Her name is Marie and she’s my grandmother and right now she’s getting ready to come and stay with you. Being that you’re you I know I don’t have to tell you all about the kind, gentle soul she is, but I wanted you to tell St. Peter to stay ready and keep that gate open because you don’t want to keep this one waiting. She’s one of your best down here Mr. God, but she won’t be here much longer.

So thanks in advance and give my regards to your kid, he did good for us and we all appreciate that.

~ AP

Posted by Anonymous Pundit at August 23, 2008 06:42 PM


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